The Most Influential Gear of All Time: Camelbak Hydration Pack


The first commercial Camelbak     Photo: Courtesy of Camelbak

Paramedic Michael Eidson wanted to push past his limits on a sweltering hot Texas century ride, the Hotter-N-Hell 100. His biggest challenge was figuring out how to carry enough water with him. The solution: Eidson rigged a hydration system using an IV bag with a surgical tubing straw housed in a tube sock sewn to his jersey to hold the bag. The first commercial Camelbak, based on Eidson’s makeshift prototype, was a little more presentable: It was a purple pouch with Velcro closures and a tube coming out. The rubber cork cap kept the water from leaking out, but the user had to pull it open each time he or she wanted to take a sip.

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