What’s the best multi-purpose backpack?

I’m searching for a great multi-purpose backpack for graduate school. I'd like to use it while biking to carry my laptop, books, and some dog accessories....

What's good three-season hiking wear?

I'm new to hiking and would like some good clothing suggestions for day hikes in late spring/summer/early fall. I'm just not sure where to start.

How to Buy...

Advice on finding the best gear—and tried-n-true methods for maintaining your gear for years to come.

Yes You Can: Ride the 24 Hours of Moab

This fat-tire Shangri-La's got stunning scenery, challenging riding, plenty of beer and music—and you don't have to be an expert rider or endurance junkie. Here's everything you need to make the most...

The Ride Stuff

The last thing you want is to hike the course. Get dialed with the right gear and practice with it before race day.