6 Quick Fixes for Cyclists

Broken spokes, dropped chains, soggy shoes—a lot can go wrong when you're on the road. Learn these simple tips and nothing can slow you down.

    Photo: Kalmatsuy Tatyana via Shutterstock

Bikes can be finicky beasts. If you’re new to the roads, chances are especially high that you’ve struggled with a stubborn derailleur or lathered yourself in grease trying to coax a dirty chain back onto the chainring. 

But with the proper cycling know-how, you can be ready for any eventuality. From fixing a flat with a dollar bill to stabilizing your wheel with some spoke handiwork, we’ve got you covered with these tips from pro cycling bike mechanic Chris Kreidl, who just left powerhouse women’s team TIBCO for a spot with SmartStop Pro Cycling p/b Mountain Khakis.  

Fix a Flat With a Dollar
Dry Shoes With Newspaper
Wrap a Broken Spoke
Pedal a Dropped Chain Into Action
Prevent Crippling Knee Pain
Stay Warm Without Extra Layers

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