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  • Photo: Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock

    Megastorms, super tornadoes, rising seas...There's no denying that the world is changing. Here are the tools and toys you need to survive in the era of Global Weirding.

    Ryan Stuart

  • For Powerful Thirst

    Photo: Chelsant Photography

    For Powerful Thirst

    Each 15ml dose of Oral I.V. hydration solution ($11 for four) contains 11 minerals and purified water in a vial smaller than a Bic lighter. Think of it as a shot of electrolytes that you should chase with water.

  • For Blistering Hikes

    Photo: Deuter

    For Blistering Hikes

    Stiff steel rods in Deuter’s AC Lite 22 pack ($100) keep a trampoline of mesh between the pack and your back, allowing a breeze to blow through. The 1,340-cubic-inch top loader is also hydration-ready, and the hip pads are breathable.

  • For High Winds

    Photo: Brent Black/Kitelife

    For High Winds

    The Revolution Rev 1.5 SLE kite ($300) is a wind-powered drone. With four strings and a boxy design, the 92-inch-wide ripstop polyester and graphite flier flips, spins, and hovers like a helicopter, even in 25-mile-per-hour gusts.

  • For Brutal Heat

    Photo: Columbia

    For Brutal Heat

    Endothermic rings sewn into Columbia’s Coolest Cool shirt ($55) chill when they meet sweat. Add wicking panels under the arms, as well as UPF 50 protection, and you get the best sun shirt we’ve ever seen.

  • For Apocalyptic Storms

    Not only is Nuu’s sweet Splash portable speaker ($100) water-resistant, but it runs for seven hours on a charge.

  • For Long Trips

    Photo: Dave Mead

    For Long Trips

    Yeti’s Tundra 35 cooler ($280) is made from the same stuff as whitewater kayaks, so it’s nearly indestructible. With a few ice packs, the two-inch-thick walls are insulated enough to chill steaks—for 14 days.

  • For Extreme Conditions

    Photo: Quality Bicycle Products

    For Extreme Conditions

    Sand? Mud? Snow? Surly’s Krampus fat bike ($1,950) doesn’t care. With 29-inch wheels and three-inch-wide tires, this big boy just rolls on.

  • For Beating the Sun

    Photo: Brent Black

    For Beating the Sun

    There’s no better-looking sun protection than Brent Black Panama Hat’s Classic fedora (made to order, $525). The three-inch brim provides tons of shade, and the hand-woven jipijapa palm reed is breathable and stylish.

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