Quick Fixes for Cyclists: Dry Shoes With Newspaper

Broken spokes, dropped chains, soggy shoes—a lot can go wrong when you're on the road. Learn these simple tips and nothing can slow you down.

    Photo: Melifiscentgirl via Flickr

The situation: You’re on the first day of a weekend-long cycling trip, and your pack is caught unawares by an afternoon thunderstorm. You have a 60-mile ride tomorrow and don’t want to develop trench foot. How do you dry your shoes? 

The fix: Open up the shoes as far as they’ll go and remove the insoles. Grab a newspaper (old-fashioned news print works best, so don’t go shredding any Outside copies) wad up several pages, and stuff the balls into the shoes until they’re jammed with paper. Be generous.

Wrap the insoles in newspaper and place them on the AC for some emergency dehydration. Let sit and repeat as necessary, Kreidl says, but you’ll be surprised how much water even a few newspaper sheets can absorb.

For a last-minute fix, put the hairdryer on low heat—to avoid deforming your shoes—and stick it below the tongue. 

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