Bike Helmets

Bell Super 2R

The increasing segmentation is also ridiculous and slightly maddening for the consumer. So when we here at Outside see a product like the Bell Super 2R, which packs two helmets into one, we get a...

Lazer Genesis Lifebeam

Electronics are becoming pervasive in cycling, from drivetrain components to mountain bike suspension and even plug-in apparel. So it was only a matter of time before someone wired up a helmet.

Giro Synthe

At a wind tunnel in Scottsdale, Arizona, helmet and apparel manufacturer Giro released what it describes as the next iteration of the aero road helmet.

Building a Better Lid

Manufacturers are hard at work making your helmet safer and smarter. Here's what to expect from the next generation.

Specialized Tactic

A lot of helmet for the price, with a tricked-out fit system, removable visor, and decent ventilation.

Kali Maraka XC

Lightweight but just as comfy and safe as heftier helmets.

Giro Air Attack

Slip combined with comfort, ventilation and lightness.

Louis Garneau Course

The closest you'll ever get to that wind-through-the-hair feeling wearing a helmet.

Torch T1 Helmet

Outside reviews the best gear from Interbike 2012, the largest bicycle trade show in North America, including the Torch T1 Helmet.

Overade Foldable Helmet

A foldable helmet that can stuff easily into a bag and is as safe as any conventional helmet.

Should I Replace My Bike Helmet?

Sweat, sun, and just plain age can damage the integrity of your bike helmet. How can you take care of your lid? Is it time for a change? If so, what should you buy that will hold up over time? Outside's Gear Guy, Doug Gantenbein, has the answer.

Cannondale Ryker

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2012 Summer Buyer's Guide, including the Cannondale Ryker bike helmet.

Lazer Armor

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2012 Summer Buyer's Guide, including the Lazer Armor.