BH Bikes Zaphire/Tiagra

BH Zaphire

BH Zaphire     Photo: Courtesy of BH Bikes

Best For: The budget conscious. 

The Test: It’s easy to get sucked into the hype of sub-650-gram-frame-this and SRAM-Shimano-or-Campy-that and spend more than you need to. But if you just want a good, reliable ride, pick up a Zaphire, which arguably performs as well as top-shelf race bikes of a decade ago. The aluminum frame felt a bit jarring at first, but lowering the tire pressure to 90 psi produced a more forgiving ride. The longish wheelbase and tall headtube made for a more upright riding position, which testers said kept their necks and backs pain-free. 

The Verdict: A lot of a bike for the money. 21.6 lbs

Brand: BH Bikes $1,100
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