Red's New 6K Shooter Is the Ultimate Action Camera

Imagine a Hollywood-caliber camera so portable you could schlep it up the Dawn Wall in a backpack and capture Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson struggling through the crux of pitch 15 while it...

Lowepro’s Whistler 350AW

The number of camera packs on the market is mind-boggling, but few are designed for aspiring or pro-level adventure photographers with DSLR setups. Even fewer can handle working in difficult-to...

Footie, Sick

A visual recording worth replaying for others. Today, professional outfits like Camp 4 Collective and


Even though you might have only a hazy memory of last Saturday night, your smartphone has the pictures to document it. And now you can print those hard-to-remember moments direct to film with

Filming the Frying Pan

Fifteen-foot-long tiger sharks swim in clear, cobalt waters. Below them, the warm kiss of the Gulf Stream nourishes the shallow shoals that are home to castles of coral and forests of algae....

DJI Inspire Drone

DJI established itself as the powerhouse of the drone industry two years ago with the release of the now-ubiquitous and

GoPro Hero 4: Everything You Need to Know

Oh, thank goodness. The embargo has lifted. I’m terrible at keeping secrets. Back in July, I spent a week diving and flying drones with the GoPro creative team off the northern coast of...