Rapha Giotto Cycle Club

Giotto Rapha Cycle Club

Giotto Rapha Cycle Club espresso machine     Photo: Inga Hendrickson

To say that Rapha, maker of some of the finest road-cycling apparel around, is devoted to aesthetics is an understatement. Its slim-cut jackets fit like tailored suits; its designers embrace pink accents. So we weren’t surprised when the company created the special-edition Giotto Rapha Cycle Club espresso machine with Milan-based Rocket Espresso, an outfit with a pedigree that will impress your most discerning Italian friends. The Giotto is Rocket’s flagship model, a prosumer-quality machine that Rapha has tastefully (of course) adorned with a few trademark design details. But be forewarned: once you start slinging perfectly frothed cappuccinos at home, your cycling buddies will want to finish the ride in your kitchen instead of the local coffeehouse.

Brand: Rapha $2355
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