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7 Essential Hydration Tools

Keeping hydrated, especially during short bouts of exercise, is just as important as replenishing energy with gels or bars. Here are the best bladders, bottles, and backpacks for every...

Pack a Perfect Picnic for Two

So you’ve promised your significant other you'll do something romantic this weekend. Trouble is, you still haven’t planned anything.

6 Summer Cookout Essentials

None of the products on this list are necessary for a good time. But hey, partying itself is about indulgence. And if you’re already indulging, why not enjoy it all the more with these six pieces of summer gear?

Tested: Coolers to Keep Your Beer Ice Cold

‘Tis the season for car camping and barbequing, which means grilled burgers, sunny days, and (hopefully) cold beer. But to keep your beverage of choice chilled, you’ll need a cooler that can withstand the heat.

The Best Bars for the Trail

These trail snacks pack plenty of sustenance into small packages, making them easy additions to your daypack or running shorts. Here are six of our favorites.

Coffee Essentials for the Trail

For some hikers, a steaming cup of black gold in the morning is as indispensable as a trusty old pair of boots.

DIY Moonshine Still Kit

Behold the copper moonshine still for home-distillation from Clawhammer Supply, a small company started by one guy who really likes beer.

Quick Fixes for Hikers: Make a Meal Without a Stove

You’re halfway through a four-day hiking trip when your stove malfunctions. You can’t get a flame and there’s a campfire ban in the wilderness where you’re trekking. How do you consume enough...