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Kenyon City Grill

Lumbersexuals take note: Cooking at your tiny Brooklyn apartment just got easier thanks to Kenyon’s City Grill.

Travel Coffee Tools for On-the-Go Caffeination

For many travelers, on-the-go coffee tools are just as important as comfortable shoes and a passport. But you can’t lug a Keurig around in your duffle. That’s when you need these 11 portable items...

This Coffee Machine Is Indestructible

If coffee is the nectar of the gods, then this is Thor's coffeemaker. Launched on Kickstarter last week, the OXX Coffeeboxx is the coffee machine for the accident prone.

What's the Best On-Mountain Fuel for Women?

High-output, endurance activities demand smart eating if you want to avoid the bonk–especially in winter, when we burn calories just trying to stay warm. Presenting five of our favorite feeds for...

What Are the Best Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottles?

We love insulated stainless steel water bottles for a few reasons. They keep beer cold in the summer and coffee hot in the winter, they’re lighter and more durable than glass, and they’re free of the chemicals found in some plastics.

7 Essential Hydration Tools

Keeping hydrated, especially during short bouts of exercise, is just as important as replenishing energy with gels or bars. Here are the best bladders, bottles, and backpacks for every...

5 High-Tech Grills for Summer Cookouts

The sun's shining, the days are long, the crowds are hungry—is there any reason every meal shouldn't be prepared and enjoyed outdoors?

What’s the Best Gear for a Summer Outdoor Party?

None of the products on this list are necessary for a good time. But hey, partying itself is about indulgence. And if you’re already indulging, why not enjoy it all the more with these six pieces of summer gear?

What Are the Best Mini Coolers?

‘Tis the season for car camping and barbequing, which means grilled burgers, sunny days, and (hopefully) cold beer. But to keep your beverage of choice chilled, you’ll need a cooler that can withstand the heat.

What Are the Best Snacks for the Trail?

These trail snacks pack plenty of sustenance into small packages, making them easy additions to your daypack or running shorts. Here are six of our favorites.

DIY Copper Moonshine Still Kit

Behold the copper moonshine still for home-distillation from Clawhammer Supply, a small company started by one guy who really likes beer.