Quick Fixes for Hikers: Make a Meal Without a Stove

Don’t let a minor malfunction ruin your big trek. Learn to patch a sleeping bag, glue together a boot, and make four more simple repairs that everyone should master before setting foot on the trail.

    Photo: brianc/Flickr

The situation: You’re halfway through a four-day hiking trip when your stove malfunctions. You can’t get a flame and there’s a campfire ban in the wilderness where you’re trekking. How do you consume enough calories to get you home?

The fix: Chow down on high-calorie snacks like trail mix, peanut butter, bagels, and summer sausage to keep trekking. Powered electrolyte drink mixes also help — they’re small, lightweight, and chock full of calories.

Before you set out on a multi-day expedition—and especially one that will take you through areas where campfires are banned—it’s important to bring a variety of high-caloric food that doesn’t require cooking.

“People don’t want to be carrying more weight than necessary, but at the same time, should you have some sort of malfunction like that, there should be food available to eat as a meal that is not cooked,” NOLS Cooker Editor Claudia Pearson says.

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