Petzl Nao

Petzl Nao headlamp

Petzl Nao headlamp     Photo: Courtesy of Petzl

Peer into the darkness to check on your buddy (or maybe scan the trail to the outhouse) and Petzl's Nao headlamp shines a bright, focused beam. Look down to fiddle with your gloves or glance at your map, and the Nao's sensors instantly adjust both the intensity and type of light shining from its LEDs. The Nao could make manually adjusting your headlamp between tasks a thing of the past, and those sensors even increase burn time by dimming the light when you don't need it. That’s not all: Petzl is releasing software for download that will let you tailor the Nao's brightness, burn times, and distance settings for specific conditions, plus create different “activity profiles.” Petzl calls the technology “reactive lighting.” We call it the most high-tech headlamp we’ve ever seen. Available July 2012.

Brand: Petzl $175

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