The Gear Shed

Baron Shave Kit

Everything old is new again. The good, traditional safety razor—what men shaved with before 20-blade razors became the norm—is making a crowdsourced comeback...

Sixfold Leather Beer Carrier

Cardboard beer holders too mundane?  Sixfold, a company built on a special “notch-and-fold” packaging system, has plans for

Seawolf TTR-SB

Every other GoPro geek has a quadcopter, but how many have their own submarine? Channel your inner James Cameron with the

Jeep Cherokee Chief

Jeep reached back into its storied history earlier this year, recreating one of its most popular vehicles as a throwback concept car. The 2015-era Jeep Cherokee Chief looks...

Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

For those who hate letting an empty water bottle take up valuable pack space, soft bottles are an ingeniously simple solution. Problem is, most of them look—for lack of better terms&mdash...

Tour de France Tech

From drool-worthy carbon-fiber bikes to state-of-the-art power meters, the Tour de France is a movable feast of cycling technology. The best part? Much of this high-end tech trickles down...

Causwell Is Hooking the Urban Fly-Fisherman

It’s a crisp summer morning on the Upper Provo with the first beams of mountain sunlight bending through the mist. A handful of dedicated anglers cast flies into the chilly water hoping to...

Tentsile Trillium Hammock

Itching for a different camping or lounging experience? Things are looking up. Perhaps the second-most-fun three-way you can have outdoors, the

Cafflano Klassic

Whether you’re at home, in a faraway hotel room, or deep in the backcountry, you need your morning coffee. The

Never Tie Your Hiking Shoes Again

Reaching down to tie shoelaces might soon be a thing of the past for some hikers. Treksta, a South Korean–based shoe company, just...