The Beartooth Radio

The Beartooth Radio (not pictured) frees your cell from dependence on cell towers wherever you need it. Photo: Trysil/Flickr

The Beartooth Radio

Making sure you’re always safe and found

Once upon a time, planning for the worst in the wild meant packing a signal mirror and a bunch of flares. With the Beartooth Radio, you don't need any of those things. 

The Beartooth is essentially a cover that you place over your existing smartphone. Similar to the goTenna, it acts as an antenna to communicate with another Beartooth device. But distinct from goTenna, which amplifies your phone's existing Bluetooth capabilities, the Beartooth Radio turns your phone into just that: a highly specialized radio completely self-sufficient from cell phone towers or Wi-Fi signals.* It also adds a whole new range of features, including voice, encrypted text, geolocation, and beaconing, along with SOS broadcast access for any device in range. The big battery pack doubles the current battery life of your phone. 

  Photo: courtesy of Beartooth Radio

Satellite phones are still unparalleled in service, but they come with a hefty price tag. For the casual alpinist and seasonal festival-goer, Beartooth might be the better option. Bring it with you to Coachella where networks are slammed or for that weekend through-hike far from cell service.


*This sentence was modified to clarify how Beartooth Radio works.


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