The Cycle Life

Sugoi Zap Jacket

On a couple of recent evenings, the swift descent of darkness has left me riding in traffic without a light and worrying for my safety. It’s for that scenario that Sugoi created the Zap...

Giro VR90 Mountain Bike Shoe

Forget Velcro. Scratch Boas. Throw out your ratchets and buckles. The latest, greatest in performance cycling cleats is…wait for it…shoelaces....

Road Bike Essentials for Fall

With mornings crisp and the evening chill coming on fast, this time of year can be both brilliant and taxing for riding. It’s a slap to think of the cold months ahead and, having been...

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger

I have lost years off of my life setting up tires tubeless with just a floor pump. Pumping like a short-circuited oil derrick to create enough pressure to get a tire to seat is often tougher...

Lazer Genesis Lifebeam

Electronics are now pervasive in cycling, from drivetrain components to mountain bike suspension systems and even

First Look: Lemond Washoe

In a tale of old is new again, Lemond Bicycles has announced that it will reenter the bike market this fall with a single, steel road frame, the

Assos OffRoadRally

Assos, the Swiss manufacturer widely regarded as producing the world's finest—and most expensive—road apparel, has launched into...

Trail Tested: Salsa Bucksaw

When a bike company rep tells me, “This bike will change everything,” I generally dismiss the claim faster than I can roll my eyes. If I had a dollar for every “ground-breaking...

Yeti ASR Carbon

After a hiatus from the full-suspension cross-country bike market, Yeti has released a fully revised race bike, the ASR Carbon