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Anyone who thought that 27.5 (or 650B) was just a passing fad must surely reconsider after this Interbike. Virtually every single manufacturer is showing at least a few bikes in the mid-size wheel category. And some, like Giant, have gone all in with a full line of 27.5s. There are still plenty of interesting new 29ers rolling around at Outdoor Demo. 26ers, on the other hand, are a disappearing breed. Here's a cross-section of new 27.5s.

Santa Cruz is on a 27.5 tear. First came the 150mm Bronson, in April, an immediate hit that was followed by the single-pivot aluminum version, the Heckler. Then there was the 125mm 5010 (say "solo") and the analogous Bantam. And at Interbike, the company showed versions of all four in its women's-specific brand, Juliana, including the 125mm trail-oriented Juno.

Aaron Gulley    

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