Even crystal clear water might not be safe to drink.     Photo: irabell/Getty Images

Seven Gadgets to Purify Your Water

Don’t let giardiasis turn you into a weak, dehydrated mess

Ever camp by a beautiful brook with water so clear you figure it must be safe to drink? Not so fast. Giardiasis, a diarrhea-causing disease, is invisible to the naked eye and can be spread by almost any wild animal. And that’s just one of the culprits that can make you very, very sick in the backcountry.   

Luckily, we have access to lightweight water filtration tech. These seven gadgets all serve one purpose—removing poisonous contaminants from water. Some filter bacteria and parasites, while others zap viruses dead. So invest in a filter and don’t risk ruining your camping trip again. Trust us, your bowels will thank you.  


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