Best All-Around Coaching App: Adidas miCoach

I have a marathon coming up in a few months. How can I get online coaching tailored to my ability? Oh, and how can I get it for free?

Adidas miCoach.     Photo: Courtesy of Adidas

Adidas offers seven different marathon training plans, designed by the excellent Greg McMillian. McMillan’s approach is to help runners “feel” the right pace without a heart rate monitor, and the app gives you three levels of intensity—green for easy runs, yellow for fast tempos, and red for when you need to bring the donkey sauce. Overall, the app seems most likely to meet a variety of runners at their individual level, and to teach them how to move their training forward.

Greg McMillan, a renowned exercise physiologist in Flagstaff, Arizona, who coaches Olympians and competitive athletes.

A generic cyber female delivers the coaching directives.

Free; for iPhone and Android.

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