Best Rechargeable Flashlights: Nitecore Multitask Hybrid MH1A Flashlight

I’m looking for something long-lasting and bright that won’t let me down in the backwoods. What do you recommend?

Nitecore Multitask Hybrid MH1A

Nitecore Multitask Hybrid MH1A Flashlight     Photo: Courtesy Nitecore

A:The Nitecore casts an incredible 550 lumens (just shy of a car headlight) in a mere 2.6 ounce aluminum alloy package. It’s both one of the brightest and smallest lights around. We also like that that it can be dunked in 6 feet of water, and that its lithium battery can be replaced with a common AA in a pinch. When you’re ready to recharge, use the Micro USB port on the side, just like on many cell phones and GPS units.

Top Output: 550 lumens
Battery Runtime
: 11.5 hours (18 lumens), 45 minutes (550 lumens)
Recharge Time
: 2 hours
: 127 mm
: 2.6 ounces

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