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Bug-Repellent Clothing: ExOfficio BugsAway Chas'r Long-Sleeve Crew Tee

Do the bug-repellent apps for Android phones and iPhones really work?

BugsAway Chas'r Long-Sleeve Crew Tee     Photo: Courtesy of ExOfficio

A:ExOfficio’s long sleeve tee ($45) also contains 0.52 percent Permethrin, but its design gives it a more groomed look than the Columbia jacket. I liked the incredibly soft feel of the cotton shirt, and I liked that it stayed soft and kept its size after a couple of washes. Unless it was listed on the tag, you wouldn’t know bug repellent was bonded to the ExOfficio fabric. It feels and smells like a shirt. As with the Columbia jacket, the chemical supposedly stays active for up to 70 washings (though I didn’t get around to testing that).

The light weight (eight ounces) makes it a great base layer for hiking during tick season (generally April to September in most places), and keeping out of reach of mosquitoes. Its sun protection rating is Ultraviolet Protection Factor 30+ and it breaths well in hot weather. The long-sleeve tee comes in black, grey heather, green, and tan.

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