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Polepod.     Photo: Bob Parks


The Best Cell-Phone Tripods: Polepod

I’m starting to get into slow-shutter photography and other artistic effects using my iPhone. What are the best tripods for keeping my phone completely still while taking pictures?

A:One of the most outdoor-friendly new tripods for camera phones and small point-and-shoots is called Polepod, a Kickstarter campaign with the product available in May. The beauty of Polepod is that it takes advantage of stuff hikers already have on hand.

The device itself is a little plastic and metal disk that lets you wedge three poles together to make a freestanding tripod. (There has always been the good old practice of using a single trekking pole to stabilize, and some poles even have a hidden camera mount inside their handles, but these monopods have a more limited photographic use.) For a slightly bigger investment ($50), the inventor will throw in a third-party ballhead, tent stake, rope, and an adjustment system so you can use two poles and a nearby tree when you're hiking by yourself.

WEIGHT: Under an ounce.
COMPATIBLE WITH: Android and Apple phones, small cameras.
PRICE: $30.

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