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How Can I Guard Against Ticks?

I work outdoors in some serious deer tick habitat. I saw that Outdoor Research makes the pre-treated BugOut gaiters. Do your recommend them, or do you have any other suggestions for staying tick free?

ExOfficio Ziwa Pant

ExOfficio BugsAway Ziwa Pant     Photo: Courtesy of ExOfficio

A:Ticks used to be a minor annoyance but they’ve become a serious health hazard in your area, the northeast. With their ability to carry and transmit Lyme disease, you're smart to take serious counter-measures.

I'd investigate ExOfficio's line of clothing that is treated with a Permethrin-based bug-repellent called InsectShield®. Their BugsAway Zima Convertible Pant ($99) will keep ticks and other insects off you for as many as 70 washings. And with a lightweight nylon fabric that’s tough, dries fast, and protects from the sun, they’re also useful as trekking pants. (And they convert to shorts, although that may not be much of a feature in tick country.)

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