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The Best Knot-Tying Apps: KnotsGuide by SusaSoftX

The weather's been bad, and all I've been doing is sitting at home and practicing my knots. Is there an app for that?

KnotsGuide by SusaSoftX knots knot tying

KnotsGuide by SusaSoftX.     Photo: Courtesy of SusaSoftFX

A:Unusually and somewhat frustratingly, all the instructions in KnotsGuide are text-based. But we found something charming about the level of detail in this app. Created by a polyglot in Finland, it gives lively history and assiduously-researched data on each knot, such as their efficacy and the difficulty of undoing them. Because of this app, we can now name five different kinds of “running” knots, or knots designed to move.


Android, iPhone, iPad (free)

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