The Best Smartphone Cases: Innovez Eco Friendly Interchangeable iPhone 5 Case

My girlfriend is looking for a new phone, and she’ll be using it outdoors a lot this summer. Which one has the most protective case available?

Innovez Eco Friendly Interchang smart phone cases

    Photo: Courtesy of Innovez


Sure there are more bulletproof cases for the iPhone 5, but do they biodegrade at the end of their lifespan? The Innovez iPhone 5 Case is made from a high-impact outer shell that breaks down in a microbial environment. The secret ingredient is an additive in the plastic called EcoPure that allows it to absorb moisture and accelerates the breakage of the polymer chain. Unfortunately, the screen is not protected, but the raised edge keeps it safe during falls on flat surfaces. Cases are also available for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Price: $25

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