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The Best Trail Snacks: Alaska's Best Wild Salmon Jerky

I'm going on a long backpacking trip and am looking for a good, healthy snack that won't weigh down my pack or my stomach.

Wild Salmon Jerky     Photo: Courtesy of Alaska’s Best

A:In our tour de force of Pacific Northwest jerkies, Alaska’s Best boasted great fish flavor. It was still mild, however, with a smoky pleasant character. At around $2.83 per ounce, Alaska’s is the least expensive, but it contains high-quality, ocean-caught fish and a spare, all-natural ingredient list (along with a whopping 630 milligrams of salt per ounce).

My favorite fun fact about Alaska’s Best: if you are fishing in our nation’s 49th state, feel free to drop off your catch at the company’s headquarters. They will turn it into jerky, and then ship it to your home.

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