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The Best Trail Snacks: SeaBear Smoked Salmon Jerky

I'm going on a long backpacking trip and am looking for a good, healthy snack that won't weigh down my pack or my stomach.

Smoked Salmon Jerky     Photo: Courtesy of SeaBear

A:As you can see in the image above, there was no SeaBear left to photograph because I snarfed it all. As soon as I took one bite, there was no helping it. The SeaBear had the strongest, most delicious flavor, which was sealed in thick, hefty chunks of fish. The various-sized cuts in the bag revealed a different favor each time—some mild, some very strong. (One note: SeaBear’s product contains potassium lactate, which helps to preserve the fish. While that’s technically still natural, it does constitute an additive). At a cost of $3.57 per ounce, the SeaBear fish was more expensive than Alaska’s Best and there was an astonishing 910 milligrams of salt in each ounce (almost half your daily allowance), but damn if it wasn’t worth it.

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