The Best Trekking Poles: Leki Carbonlite Aergon XL

I see people using increasingly high-tech hiking poles. What’s the deal?

Carbonlite Aergon XL Trekking Poles.     Photo: Courtesy of Leki

A:The German-made Carbonlite Aergon XL trekking poles are the most expensive in this group at $219.95, but they also pack the most cutting-edge technology. Foremost, they are the lightest at 14.25 ounces, with heat-treated carbon fiber shafts for increased tensile strength. The grip turns into a mounting screw for a camera. And the locking system can withstand over 300 pounds without slipping. This Super Lock system seems more appropriate for a performance aircraft than a set of walking sticks, but it uses an expander and screw to hold the three-section shafts to your desired height (they adjust between 24.5 and 53 inches).

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