Health and Beauty

Four Weeks to a Better Beard

Like geese heading south for the winter, foregoing the razor just feels right when temperatures drop and the powder starts to arrive. Staying the course is another matter entirely: maddening itch,...

Winter Grooming 101

Cold is brutal on skin. Keep your armor smooth with these simple remedies.

Your Antiperspirant Is Making You Reek

Initial findings by a team at Belgium’s Ghent University show that compared with wearing deodorant and even going au naturel, antiperspirant actually spawns larger populations of Actinobacteria,...

Secret Skin-Care Tips from Rock Climbing Pros

Bone-dry palms that give way to stiff calluses. Ultra-short nails and shredded cuticles. Bandages locked down with superglue. A professional climber’s grip can’t just be strong, it has to be tough....

Grooming Essentials for Backpacking and Camping

Let’s face it: the great outdoors is a grimy, buggy, skin-scorching, sweat-inducing place, and a small quiver of personal-care items can make the difference between enjoying the sunset and sticking...

The Sunblock Lowdown

The FDA regulates sunscreens just like any over-the-counter drug, which means that all those words on the label actually mean something. Here's what you need to know to slather smart.

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