Who Makes the Best Sunglass Lenses?

I’ve tested hundreds of sunglasses during my time at Outside. But when it comes to lenses, I have only one clear favorite: Spy's Happy Lenses.

The Best Sunglasses of 2014

 Better looking, better performing, better priced: it's a good time to buy a new pair of shades.

Kaenon Bluesmaster Sunglasses

Musician G. Love helped design the Bluesmaster. You can sort of tell. The hybrid frame style—plastic up top, wire frames below—has an old-school bluesy feel, but the frames are surprisingly light,...

Zeal Kennedy Sunglasses

Springy hinges and rubber nose and temple pads keep the Kennedy securely in place, and while the lenses aren’t quite as sharp as the others here, they’re pretty darn close.

Native Highline Sunglasses

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the Highline is as heartfelt as it gets.

Smith Dolen Sunglasses

Smith says its new ChromaPop lenses “eliminate color confusion for the brain.” Maybe. What we can tell you is that they boost saturation and generally make whatever you’re looking at a little more...

Sunglasses: Paint it Black

Not everybody can get behind screaming-flourescent shades. That's OK. This year's crossover designs pair subdued styling with hotshot performance.

Smith Souncheck

Versatile reinterpretation of a classic style.

Native Eastrim

Streetworthy looks with a highly versatile tint.

Spy Discord

Retro-geeky fashion glasses with modern-future lenses.