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Yes, These Pedals Will Make You Faster

The new Nikola XPS road pedal is said to make you faster by using an axle with 25mm of lateral float to recruit leg muscles often neglected in cycling.

The Next Big Thing in Wool? Bison Down

Up to now, Rambouillet sheep raised in the Rocky Mountain West have been the stars of the American-made wool movement. But softer, warmer bison down is poised to take over.

Dating a Gnar-Shredding Badass? Get Her This.

We asked some of the top women athletes what they covet most this season. Here's a one-stop, adrenaline-infused wish list that will appeal to all the adventure girls in your life.

This Coffee Machine Is Indestructible

If coffee is the nectar of the gods, then this is Thor's coffeemaker. Launched on Kickstarter last week, the OXX Coffeeboxx is the coffee machine for the accident prone.

Why the New F-150 Matters to You

So your next car may not be an F-150. But it (and you) may owe a bit of gratitude to Ford for rethinking carmaking.

Finally, Someone Gets Women's Gear Right

Since Black Diamond first released its apparel line in January 2013, we’ve enviously admired our boyfriends', coworkers', and brothers’ jackets. Which is why we were so excited when the company...

This New Gravel Grinder Is the Future of Road Bikes

When mountain bike designer Niner—one of the original 29-inch wheel proponents—jumped on the 'gravel bike' trend, we knew we had to test their version. The RLT9, billed as a fat-tired road bike,...

19 Lifesaving Tools Every Driver Must Carry This Winter

The emergency we're most likely to encounter this winter has nothing to do with a superstorm, nuclear attack, or apocalyptic volcanic eruption—it's more likely to take place in your car. The right gear can mean the difference between life and death.

Build the Ultimate Home Gym

With the increasing popularity and proven efficacy of functional, bodyweight fitness on the cheap, the DIY gym has undergone a radical, and welcome, simplification. These are all the tools you need...