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5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

You can scrape together gear from your garage to make a last-minute Halloween costume, but don’t go for the standard—and boring—surfer or kayaker. You are better and more creative than that.

A Glow-in-the-Dark Jacket for Dark Commutes

The Zap Jacket isn’t a replacement for a light. But if I forget my blinkers (or neglect to charge them), I know that the jacket, which I’m not likely to leave at home given the cooler temps, will...

Geeky Gear We Should Embrace

Most of us reach a certain age and stop caring about how others perceive us. When I stopped giving a damn about how I looked, I ended up having a lot more fun. You too can embrace your inner gear geek with these five items.

The Crowdsourced Survival Kit

Kickstarter is home to many gear ideas, some more groundbreaking than others, intended to make the outdoors more hospitable. We trolled the crowdfunding capital of the Internet for the five most...

Your $121,000 Airstream Awaits

Some nomads don’t want a home on wheels—they want a palace. That’s what throngs of “Streamers” told Airstream, which responded by giving its 30-foot Classic trailer a luxury remodel for 2015.

Winter Layering 101

Start with the three-layer principle: up top, you'll want a form-fitting baselayer, a warm-breathable midlayer, and waterproof outerwear. Beyond that, things get a bit more detailed.

Yes, Shoelaces Are Still a Thing

Forget Velcro. Scratch Boas. Throw out your ratchets and buckles. The latest, greatest in performance cycling cleats is…wait for it…shoelaces.

Your Mud-Ready Fall Outfit

Fall. The time of brilliant foliage, crisp days—and mud. Thankfully, there's plenty of gear that can withstand the muck.

Buy a Tesla, Save a Cyclist

We all know road biking is dangerous. But thanks to advances in robotic car technology, we're approaching a day when there are no more fatalities on the road.

GoPro's Game-Changing New App

One of the most overlooked aspects of GoPro’s recent Hero 4 launch was the release of version 2.5 of the company’s free Studio editing suite.

This Hiking Boot Can Do Anything

We make difficult footwear decisions every time we travel, particularly when day hikes are on the itinerary.

Disc Brakes Live Up to the Hype

We have been riding both the Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Hydro, equipped with TRP Hy/Rd brakes, and the Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL4 Red Disc, with Avid BB7 Road SL mechanical discs, for over nine...

Your Personal Aquatic Transformer

The Kormaran combines a monohull, catamaran, trimaran, and sun-bathing platform in a single sleek, carbon-fiber package.