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In Search of the Steep and Deep

When the new Kachina Peak lift opened at Taos Ski Valley this season, inbound skiers and riders gained access to prime terrain turns once reserved for hikers.

The Beartooth Radio

Once upon a time, planning for the worst in the wild meant packing a signal mirror and a bunch of flares. With the Beartooth Radio, you don't need any of those things.

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

Bike companies churn out theft-deterrent products the way some people have tried to build a better mousetrap, but Connected Cycle utilizes the omnipresence of the cloud, may have made one that...

The SmartMat

At first glance, the SmartMat might seem counterintuitive. Yoga and smartphones aren’t two words that usually go together, and the ancient Hindu practice is typically about unplugging from our...

How to Beat Ski Boot Funk

Nothing ruins a good pair of ski boots like the smell of old ski boots. Keep them powder fresh with these four stink-busting essentials.

Ducati's Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle Is Back

If you know anything about motorcycles, you’re probably aware of Ducati’s original, iconic Scrambler. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was the ultimate bike: lightweight, beginner-friendly, great looking,...

Our Favorite CES Tech That You'll Actually Use

Wearables are getting more pervasive and more immersive, with brand-new 360-degree cameras and sensors that monitor your heart rate 24/7. Here are some of our favorite new wearables for 2015.

What's the Best Napping Gear?

Nap efficiently and you'll be happier and more efficient at the office. But oversleep and you'll feel groggier than when you went to bed. These six pieces will help you nap right.

Withings Activité Pop

If you don’t know Withings, you should. It’s a French brand that makes very stylish, very intelligent tracking devices.

Coming Soon: Smart Snowboards and an Anti-Stress Watch

The Consumer Electronics Show—a massive tech gathering held every January in Las Vegas—kicked off Monday. From innovative (headphone-heart-rate-monitor hybrids) to just weird (a camera to let you...

Polar’s A300 Is a Solid Little Fitness Watch

There are three important things you should know about the new A300 ($140, or $180 with heart-rate monitor strap), which debuted Sunday at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

Garmin Goes Beyond the Activity Tracker

The tech king pushed beyond its fitness-navigation niche and firmly into the wearables genre Monday at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show with the debut of three new products.