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Blowing Up: Why Inflatables Are the Future of Gear

Inflatable gear is nothing new. You probably have a Therm-a-Rest or blow-up raft currently stored in your gear shed. Now, designers are getting more creative with their inflatable designs.

Summer Upgrade: The Best New Swim Trunks

I’d always scoffed at “high-tech” swim trunks, but that opinion changed the first time I pulled on a pair of O'Neill Superfreaks in college.

The Fire Pit Gets Sophisticated

Sure, you can always scrounge up a few rocks from your backyard to build a fire pit. But if you’re looking for a less primitive option, you might want to check out the stylish Smokestack Fire Pit by...

Fat Biking Gear Grows Up

Whisky Parts Co., the boutique carbon bike and accessories manufacturer under the QBP umbrella, today unveiled the first-ever tubeless-ready carbon fiber fat bike rim.

Build the Ultimate Deck

You know that cabin you’ve been dreaming about building? Well, maybe you should go ahead and break ground.

How High Can GoPro Go?

By this point, GoPro cameras have been used to film just about every activity on the planet, from BASE jumps to baby’s first steps to surgical operations. But the company found itself in unfamiliar...

This Roof Rack Will Transform Your Car

In theory, roof racks should be pretty simple—and most of them are. A couple of bars and a bracket or two designed to hold outdoor equipment. No big deal, right? Wrong. Enter the world of car...

The Do-It-All Aero Road Helmet

At a wind tunnel in Scottsdale, Arizona, helmet and apparel manufacturer Giro released what it describes as the next iteration of the aero road helmet.

The Case for Gravel Racing

Take the biggest all-terrain road race in the country, ride the category-defining bike, throw in some kindly Midwestern spirit, and you’ve got a compelling case for gravel racing.

Turn Your Bike into a Backcountry Shelter

You don’t need a tent to go camping. And when you’re riding across the country on a bike, you definitely don’t want to lug around a stuff sack full of tent poles.

Go-Fast Tri Essentials

Dominate the water, road, and track with the help of a well-edited gear arsenal.