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Obstacle-Course Racers: Embrace the Spandex Shorts

King, an Olympic hopeful in both the steeplechase and the marathon, placed fourth in the 2014 Western States 100, the oldest ultra race in the world. Here are his five gear suggestions to get dialed on race day.

True Love Is a Third Wheel

You get an initial blast of freedom and fear when you open the throttle on a motorcycle with a sidecar. For one, the bike doesn’t track straight. This all may sound scary. And it is. Scary fun.

We Shot at These Bottles So You Didn't Have To

We love insulated stainless steel water bottles for a few reasons. They keep beer cold in the summer and coffee hot in the winter, they’re lighter and more durable than glass, and they’re free of the chemicals found in some plastics.

Don't Waste Money. Move Into a Shipping Container.

Want a personal beach shack, mountain hideaway, lake house, backyard studio, or a man cave? Then look no further than Rhino Cubed tiny homes, mobile units designed by a new company that puts a...

A Glimpse Into a Travel Writer's Gear Closet

I’m lucky. I get paid to go outside for a living, often while writing about outdoor adventures for Outside. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for the best—and lightest—equipment to use on my...

Buy One Helmet, Get Two (It's that Versatile!)

The increasing segmentation is also ridiculous and slightly maddening for the consumer. So when we here at Outside see a product like the Bell Super 2R, which packs two helmets into one, we get a...

Where Does Your Down Come From?

Two new initiatives from The North Face and Patagonia aim to only use feathers from birds that have never been live-plucked or force fed.

Behold Your Perfect One-Bike Quiver

We’ve spent half a year putting the Ripley Ibis 29er through its paces, and though at first look it’s not as futuristic as the Mojo 26er was, it’s unquestionably a worthy successor.

You Won’t Believe What This Luggage Is Made Out Of

When Southwest decided to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleet by replacing heavier materials with lighter ones—including the fabrics used in seats—a design company called Looptworks saw more...

The Goggle-Action Cam Hybrid We've Waited For

Earlier this week, Oakley announced it's partnering with Garmin to integrate the VIRB action cam with the new Airwave 1.5—a heads-up-display goggle that's a good deal more evolved than its...