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You Won’t Believe What This Luggage Is Made Out Of

When Southwest decided to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleet by replacing heavier materials with lighter ones—including the fabrics used in seats—a design company called Looptworks saw more...

The Goggle-Action Cam Hybrid We've Waited For

Earlier this week, Oakley announced it's partnering with Garmin to integrate the VIRB action cam with the new Airwave 1.5—a heads-up-display goggle that's a good deal more evolved than its...

A Glow-in-the-Dark Jacket for Dark Commutes

The Zap Jacket isn’t a replacement for a light. But if I forget my blinkers (or neglect to charge them), I know that the jacket, which I’m not likely to leave at home given the cooler temps, will...

Geeky Gear We Should Embrace

Most of us reach a certain age and stop caring about how others perceive us. When I stopped giving a damn about how I looked, I ended up having a lot more fun. You too can embrace your inner gear geek with these five items.

5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

You can scrape together gear from your garage to make a last-minute Halloween costume, but don’t go for the standard—and boring—surfer or kayaker. You are better and more creative than that.

The Crowdsourced Survival Kit

Kickstarter is home to many gear ideas, some more groundbreaking than others, intended to make the outdoors more hospitable. We trolled the crowdfunding capital of the Internet for the five most...

Your $121,000 Airstream Awaits

Some nomads don’t want a home on wheels—they want a palace. That’s what throngs of “Streamers” told Airstream, which responded by giving its 30-foot Classic trailer a luxury remodel for 2015.