Buy Ski Goggles that Can't Fog

Skin up a mountain or rip through the powder, and you’re going to sweat—and your goggles are likely going to fog. That’s why Abominable Labs created the anti-fog F-Bom ski goggle.

Wool Apparel That's Born and Bred in the USA

The Duckworth WoolCloud Snap Shirt caught our attention not only for its good looks. Launching this fall, Duckworth’s tailored collection of wool apparel is all made 100 percent in the United States...

Cotton (Still) Kills

The short answer is no. You’ve heard the adage "cotton kills," right? While that saying is overused, the fact is cotton retains moisture and doesn’t dry quickly.

Your Resort Breakup Gear

With these three winter setups, you don’t need a resort to bound through the snow

Covet: Battery Heated Mittens

Thanks to Hestra’s Power Heater Mitts, you'll never worry about frozen fingers again. Battery-powered mittens take heated hands to the next level by providing all-day warmth when your body can’t...

Covet: Star-Spangled Baselayers

The countdown is on to the 2014 Winter Olympics, which means now is a good time to start upping your patriotism. Even if you’re not headed to Sochi, you can show your spirit stateside with the latest...

The Art of Snowboarding

Ana Van Pelt, creative director at Niche Snowboards, talks about snowboard aesthetics and the process of making her artistic visions a reality.

Building a Better Helmet

Since the early 1990s, helmet design hasn’t changed much: it’s basically expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) stuffed inside a polycarbonate shell, designed to withstand a single major impact.

Louis Garneau Black Everest Snowshoe Bindings

The Black Everest, one of 13 new models from Louis Garneau using a Boa cable closure, finally nails it. The steel lacing, tightened by twisting a glove-friendly, ratcheting knob, snugs a soft plastic...

Burton Landlord Snowboard

Burton has been building snowboards in Vermont for more than 30 years. Along the way, it learned a thing or two about what makes a board well balanced.

Rossignol Super 7 Skis of the Year

Rossi is the industry leader when it comes to balancing rocker (upturned tip and tail), camber (for edge hold and glide), and taper (the pin shape in the front and back, which delivers a loose feel...