Ski Gear

Tech Binding

A lightweight binding system that transformed backcountry skiing and put telemarking on the path to obsolescence. The Tech was developed by Austrian

5 Skate Ski Essentials

If you’ve ever wondered what cyclists and runners do to stay in shape during the winter, it involves skating across groomed trails. Cross-country skiing, and specifically skate skiing, now...

What's the Best Ski Gear for Women This Season?

Ah, the ski kit. So many variables. Are you bombing the steeps in Jackson or hiking for turns in Whistler? The best set-up will be versatile enough to accommodate different weather, snow...

The Standout Skis of 2015

Despite the insider jargon, buying skis today is easy: it’s all about waist width—of the skis. Carve powder every day? We don’t believe you, but regardless, you’re a 110...