The Most Influential Gear of All Time: Volant Spatula Rockered Ski


The first production Spatula     Photo: Courtesy of Peter Turner

Volant was trying to create better powder and freeride skis when Volant athlete Shane McConkey handed Peter Turner, Volant executive, a pair of the company’s Chub skis. McConkey had bent the skis into a reverse camber shape, like a waterski. He followed up with a picture of pintail surfboards and a note saying that he wanted a ski that was wider underfoot and reverse cambered. “Powder is like water … fluid,” McConkey explained. “Look at everything people use in water: the shape is wider in the middle, and reverse camber.” During developing, the ski was called the Shape Shifter and then the Barrel before McConkie named it the Spatula—because skiing it was like smearing butter on toast.

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