Gargoyles Alfa

Gargoyles Alfa

Gargoyles Alfa     Photo: Courtesy of Gargoyles

BEST FOR: Driving, knocking around, channeling Clint Eastwood. THE TEST: The Alfa delivers the vintage, tough-guy looks of a classic aviator while sneaking in active-outdoor-rec function. For one thing, the polarized dark gray lenses are safe, lightweight polycarbonate, but with sharp, near-glass optics. The lenses make a sly backward curve for reasonable peripheral cover-age from wind and glare, and spring-loaded stainless hinges add comfort and durability. These shades are so functional, in fact, that you could almost do your Saturday group road ride in them, though we suggest saving the Alfas for the café run afterward. THE VERDICT: Ex-military chic for blue staters.


Not long ago, "Made in China" meant mass-market, possibly dangerous schlock (e.g., with false UV-filtering claims). These days there's lots of high quality coming out of China, too.

Brand: Gargoyles $110

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