Filming the Frying Pan

Humans have never before seen sharks in their natural environment—until now. Enter, a philanthropic marine science project streaming valuable images from beneath a protected navigation...

The Last U.S. Heavy Icebreaker Ships Out

To access the poles, the U.S. Coast Guard doesn’t mess around with high-capacity sleighs or elite reindeer teams—it uses specially designed icebreaker ships to pulverize a path through near-frozen...

The 9 Best Rugged Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

It's packed with apps, Internet, and even a phone (how retro), but even the iPhone 6 Plus can't do it all. Any device thin and expansive is vulnerable. We've curated a guide to the protective cases...

2015 Winnebago Travato 59G

The completely redesigned 2015 Travato demolishes the Winnebago stereotype. Decidedly sexier than it predecessors, the Travato boasts brand-new front and rear styling, plus loud body-paint options...

What Fitness Gear Can I Pack in My Carry-On?

The average American will gain between one to two pounds during the holiday season. But the average American doesn’t have these six weight-busting, calorie-burning fitness essentials in his carry-on. So turn that stuffing into strength this weekend and return home fitter than when you left.

Tiny House: Try Before You Buy

Tiny house living isn’t for everyone, but most of us can learn to love it. At least that’s what Jamie Mackay, founder and owner of tiny home-maker Wheelhaus, says.

DJI Inspire Drone

DJI established itself as the powerhouse of the drone industry two years ago with the release of the now-ubiquitous and easy-to-fly Phantom. Its latest model, the Inspire 1, is even more exciting,...

Is 3D-Printed Gear Worth Buying?

Many outdoor gear companies are using 3D printers to streamline supply chains and refine products. The winner? You.

The Most Legal Fun You Can Have on Three Wheels

You get an initial blast of freedom and fear when you open the throttle on a motorcycle with a sidecar. For one, the bike doesn’t track straight. This all may sound scary. And it is. Scary fun.

Stop Wasting Money. Move Into a Shipping Container.

Want a personal beach shack, mountain hideaway, lake house, backyard studio, or a man cave? Then look no further than Rhino Cubed tiny homes, mobile units designed by a new company that puts a...

Land of Water and Gravity

Long after a band of winter-hardened badasses foiled Nazi plans to build a bomb there, climbers from all over the world have changed a rural Norwegian village into one of the world’s premier...

Airstream Classic Travel Trailer

Some nomads don’t want a home on wheels—they want a palace. That’s what throngs of “Streamers” told Airstream, which responded by giving its 30-foot Classic trailer a luxury remodel for 2015.