How to Survive the Arctic Winter in a Broken-Down Camper Van

When his 1977 Dodge camper van died in Dawson City, Yukon, a few hours shy of the Arctic Circle, Cud Eastbound, 28, knew he needed to insulate the vehicle, fast.

The Santa Cruz Bronson is an excellent one-bike quiver for the aggressive rider with access to burly trails. At $10,300, it better ride perfectly—and it does.

— Aaron Gulley

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Even if phones were better at counting your steps, a wearable device that monitors your heart is going to give you a better picture of your health.

— Brent Rose



Outside Goes to Miami

The city is a club-kid magnet. But abundant sunshine and a growing active community have attracted a new crop of hyperfit young professionals who aren’t here to party but to play.