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  • Latok II

    The high-altitude porters were Zangrilli's ever-ready back ups on the Latok II rescue.

  • Latok Rescue Team

    Zangrilli, on the left, and other members of the Latok Rescue Team inside an MI 17.

  • Broad Peak, K2

    Zangrilli used Broad Peak to acclimate for the summit push on K2.

  • Bottleneck, K2

    K2's infamous Bottleneck at 8,000 meters.

  • Baintha Glacier, Latok II

    Low-altitude porters on the Baintha Glacier approach Latok II

  • Latok, K2

    Mohammed Ali, Zangrilli's right-hand man during the rescue on Latok and his trusted friend while on K2.

  • North Ridge, Latok

    The North Ridge of Latok.

  • Skardu

    Loading an MI 17 in Skardu.

  • Gasherbrums and Broad Peak, K2

    The Gasherbrums and Broad Peak from the Shoulder on K2.

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