Playa Vehicles: Burning Man 2014

With a swarm 66,000 people congregating on a patch dirt for the week, the scale of the event was unimaginable. With so much to see in such a vast area, a vehicle of some kind is a...

Lumberjack World Championships 2014

The Lumberjack World Championships, established in 1960, are a wildly entertaining display of the world's finest axmen and axwomen. But the event goes far beyond brute force and sharp blades...

Bringing the Colorado River Back to Life

On March 28th, 2014, the Morelos Dam on the Arizona/Mexico border was opened, and a "pulse flow" released—an experiment in ecological restoration. It worked: For the first time in...

Love and Rock Climbing in Turkey

Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson—The North Face’s premiere rock climbing couple—met on a rock face in Antalya, Turkey; they named their story Once Upon A Climb.

Bora Bora's Amazing Water Race

The arrival of outboard motors brought about the disappearance of the Polynesian-style sailing canoe some 40 years ago. Then French expat Stephan Lambert re-introduced a fiberglass version of the...

Jeremy Jones in Nepal

Jeremy Jones in Nepal: Andrew Miller Photography. On location for TGR's Higher

Scenes from South Africa's Poaching Crisis

In 2007, South African Johnny Olivier found himself in the middle of an unprecedented rhino poaching scheme you'd have to see to believe. Luckily, we have the photographs to prove it.