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  • The Sweetgrass Cool Bus

    Photo: Michael Brown

    The Sweetgrass Cool Bus

    Sweetgrass Productions' hit ski flick, Valhalla, is in full tour mode right now. You'll know the opening has come to your town when you see the "Cool Bus"—a 35-foot 1980 Crown Supercoach painted up like your childhood ride to school—comes rolling past, filled with 100 or so rowdy film fans and beautiful women....

    Her name is Daisy.

  • Fresh Air

    Photo: Maxwell Santeusanio

    Fresh Air

    The Sweetgrass boys hit the road for the Valhalla film tour, and the Cool Bus elevates the stoke factor at every stop.

  • The Paramount

    Photo: Maxwell Santeusanio

    The Paramount

    Valhalla screening in Denver on September 13th.

  • Bus Party

    Photo: Michael Brown

    Bus Party

    The party always starts on the Cool Bus – kicking off the tour with a celebration in Denver.

  • Gear Giveaways

    Photo: Michael Brown

    Gear Giveaways

    Co-cinematographer Bobby Jahrig takes inventory of the free tour giveaways – all the cargo needed to run the three month tour must be carried on board.

  • Across Colorado

    Photo: Maxwell Santeusanio

    Across Colorado

    Complete with with succulent houseplants the bus is piloted across Colorado by Max ‘The Poacher” Santeusanio, the newest crew addition to Sweetgrass.

  • Missoula, MT

    Photo: Michael Brown

    Missoula, MT

    VIP parking for the Cool Bus as fans line up for a show in Missoula under the marquee lights.

  • Banff, Canada

    Photo: Michael Brown

    Banff, Canada

    The further north, the colder the temps and the deeper the snow, at Banff plug in power to heat the engine block on our Cummins 8.3 Diesel was mandatory.

  • 1977 Cool Bus

    Photo: Nick Kelley

    1977 Cool Bus

    The Cool Bus – Crown introduced this classic body style in 1977, Patagonia provides some privacy as the crew sleeps off the past nights festivities while parked on a randomly chosen residential roadway.

  • The Master Bedroom

    Photo: Maxwell Santeusanio

    The Master Bedroom

    Sleeping quarters for Sweetgrass Productions on the Valhalla tour.

  • On the road

    Photo: Maxwell Santeusanio

    On the road

    The tour continues....

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