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  • Big Blue

    After Kelly Slater posted this Clark Little photo to his Instagram account, Little saw his Instagram followers increase by thousands (and Little now has almost 600,000). To learn more about the 44-year-old North Shore lensman, read our interview with him.

  • Under the Wave

    Shot outside of Tokyo on the island of Niijima. Clark flew in on a small prop plane, shot for two hours, and caught the next flight out to attend an event that evening in Yokohama.

  • Sand Sculpture

    Little positioned himself right in front of a wave about to break on the sand to get this shot.

  • Last Blast

    Clark got down and clicked the shutter as this wave heaved over him and created a cave. A few seconds later, after a fairly good beating, he was washed up the beach and covered in sand.

  • Island Magic

    A glassy frame to Oahu’s North Shore.

  • Coconut Island

    Shot from underwater and behind a wave looking toward shore. The curve of the wave bends the scene of the beach.

  • Bling

    Sunrise on a clear and glassy North Shore morning.

  • Screamer

    A backlit wave on the west side of Oahu quickly breaks down the line.

  • Tahiti

    Shot in the morning on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia at the famous surf spot, Teahupoo. This was from a trip Clark took with Apple for the ad campaign to launch the Mac Retina Displays.

  • Chariots of Fire

    Sunset at "The Wedge," Newport Beach, California.

    Read our interview with Little, and check out more stunning images from the photographer.

  • Hawaiian Snow

    The closest looking thing to snow on Oahu's North Shore.

  • Maui No Ka Oi

    Maui No Ka Oi is a commonly used Hawaiian phrase and translates to "Maui is the Best." I have shot the waves on Maui on a few occasions and am always blown away by the water clarity, clear skies, white sand, and perfect lighting found on that island. This was shot at Makena Beach (Big Beach) on the South Shore. The resulting colors and reflections create unique compositions.

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