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  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Cold-weather surfers are cut from a different cloth. Eager to travel north, these guys dodge icebergs between sets and aren't afraid to freeze for the perfect Arctic barrel. Photographer Chris Burkard has the heart of a cold-weather surfer but more impressively, the eye to capture these stunning Nordic scenes from places such as Iceland, Norway, and Russia.

    Photo: Adventure at its finest. Keith Malloy exploring a glacier the surfer's way—by paddling through icebergs in Iceland.

    Chris Burkard's new book: Distant Shores

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Iceland's Frozen Coast

    Looking for an opening between the ice, Dion Agius prepares to paddle out from Iceland's raw and frozen shore.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    The Perfect A-Frame

    The perfect "a-frame" waves seems to be overshadowed by everything else in this vast Icelandic landscape. Some of the colors produced by the sky on this trip seemed like an illusion, but when you're this far north on the Atlantic, anything can happen.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Jökulsárlón, Iceland

    Keith Malloy navigates his way across the shore of Jökulsárlón, one of the few breaks in the world where the biggest danger is submerged chunks of glacial ice.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Getting There

    Sometimes the road traveled was half the fun. Our Land Rover definitely allowed us to go places we never imagined exploring before.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Waiting on the Weather

    Iceland's weather patterns are constantly in flux. Swell and storms can move quickly across the small country. One day it could rain, the next snow, and the next hail. You really have to motivate yourself to get out of a warm car and trek through the elements to the surf.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Where's the Sun?

    We hadn't seen sun for the entire trip, but moments after setting up camp near Vik, Iceland, it showed itself for a glimmer before dropping behind the mountains in the distance.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Surfing Break

    A fire provides some much needed warmth after a frigid surf in the Icelandic water.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    A New Kind of Cold

    Iceland is one of few places in the world where you can find ice on the shores of a beach. Walking around huge glacial chunks on the way to the water, we knew this was going to be the coldest session of the trip.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Finding the Right Peak

    This country offers more peaks than one can count. From wave peaks to mountains peaks the transition is seamless.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Keith Malloy in Norway

    To me it seems Keith Malloy surfs better the colder the water is. Here he is leaning into a bottom turn with snow capped peaks looming in the distance.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Aurora Borealis

    As if scoring waves wasn't enough, the Northern Lights put on a spectacular show for us as well.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Feeling Small

    There's no better place to realize how small you are than beside the mountains in Norway. Brett Barley is humbled by the Norwegian coastline.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    A Light Dusting

    Keith Malloy brushes off fresh snow from the previous evening's storm. Although the surfboards dusted right off, some of the wetsuits were frozen in place.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Beachfront Blizzard

    Keith Malloy and Dane Gudauskas make the long walk back through a blizzard that cut their surf session short. It's hard to tell, but this is prime beach front property in Norway.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Warming Up in Norway

    As soon as we exit the water, we make a break for the car. Unfortunately, the air isn't always warm as a car sitting in snowstorm takes a little while to heat up.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Beach Recon

    With no webcams and low visibility, the only way to check for waves in a blizzard is to walk to the beach. Brett Barley had to come in early as the snow and hail whipping across his face made it impossible to surf with his eyes open.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Norwegian Hot Tub

    Keith Malloy warms up post-surf in what Norwegians referred to as a "stump." To everyone else it was the wooden jacuzzi that brought life back into frozen limbs.

  • Photo: Chris Burkard

    Kamchatka, Russia

    The simple joys of surfing in Russia. Don't need much more than a board and a tent.

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