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  • Photo: David Darling

    Makaha backwash

    In 2011, Matt Warshaw set out to create the greatest collection of surfing content in the world. With the help of Kickstarter, on October 1, 2013, the Encyclopedia of Surfing was born. Here are some of our favorite entries.

    Photo: Makaha backwash, 1966.

  • Photo: Mike Funk

    Off the wall

    Matt Archbold, Off-the-Wall, 1990.

  • Photo: Jeff Divine


    Jackie Baxter, Pipeline, 1972.

  • Photo: Ron Stoner/SURFER Magazine

    Newport Wedge

    Newport Wedge

  • Photo: Jeff Divine


    Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Velzyland, 1975.

  • Photo: Ron Church

    Candy Calhoun

    Candy Calhoun and Duke Kahanamoku, 1964 United States Surfing Championships, Huntington Beach.

  • Photo: Brian Bielmann

    Off the Wall

    Todd Chesser, Off the Wall, 1995.

  • Photo: Ron Stoner/SURFER Magazine

    Pupekea, 1967.

    Bill Hamilton, Pupekea, 1967.

  • Photo: John Severson/SURFER Magazine

    Hollister Ranch

    Kemp Aaberg, Hollister Ranch, 1960.

  • Photo: Ryan Miller

    Huntington Pier

    Kolohe Andino, Huntington Pier, 2011.

  • Photo: John Severson/SURFER Magazine


    Linda Benson, Makaha, 1959.

  • Photo: Peter Dive

    Rob Machado

    Pro surfer Rob Machado.

  • Photo: Doc Ball

    Long Beach

    Mary-Anne Hawkins, Long Beach, early 1940s.

  • Photo: John Witzig

    Honolua Bay

    Nat Young, Honolua Bay, 1967.

  • Photo: Encyclopedia of Surfing

    Greg Noll

    Big-wave legend Greg Noll, mid 1950s.

  • Photo: Doc Ball

    Dana Point

    Peanuts Larson, Dana Point, early '40s.

    For more, check out the Encyclopedia of Surfing's website.

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