Andrew Hetherington

Photographer's Bio

Playing Dirty

The growing obstacle course industry and the cutthroat entrepreneurs who are cashing in.

Crabbers on Bayou Lafourche

The Gumbo Chronicles

Just months after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, British Petroleum declared the recovery a success, and the Gulf of Mexico’s fisheries were opened for business. To celebrate, seafood freak ROWAN...

Transition Time

Triathlon is booming. Here's why you should dump your ordinary routine and make the switch, too.

Swim start

Sprint Start

Want to do a triathlon? Start with a sprint.

Bonking at the Ironman World Championships

Tri Tips

Five ways to make the most of your first sprint triathlon race

Craig Alexander

Heavy Mettle

These days, each of the 27 worldwide Ironman events sells out in minutes. Ironman Asia-Pacific sold out in five. The inaugural Ironman U.S. Championship (in New York City and New Jersey) sold out in...

Exposure Special: Kona Ironman