Kimberly Lisagor

Kimberly Lisagor


The Green Awards

Four travel outfitters that are doing it right

Natasha Singer, Florence Williams, and Kimberly Lisagor
Mar 1, 2003

Mexican Hideouts

Sweet Spot on the Pacific: Latte. Surf. Repeat.

Jeff Spurrier, Mark Jenkins, Kent Black, Tucker Teutsch III, Kimberly Lisagor, Dan Buettner, and Joe Nick Patoski
Dec 1, 2002


TALL LATTE BEFORE WORK, double espresso in the afternoon, short cappuccino after dinner—it's the only way to tolerate Seattle's gray days. But when the clouds break and the Cascades, the...

Eric Hansen, Michael Behar, Christian DeBenedetti, Meg Lukens Noonan, Kimberly Lisagor, Jocelyn Hale, Lisa Jones, and Amy Marr
Sep 1, 2002

Latin America Times Two

  [sidebar img=1469036 | hed=]Marine iguanas? Yes. Tourist crowding? No.: Bartolome Island in the Galapagos[/sidebar] Q: I'm looking for a Latin American vacation spot with great...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jul 22, 2002

All Fired Up

[sidebar img=1469096 | hed=]Monsoon hopeful: Arizona's Mount Lemmon[/sidebar] Q: We had planned a climbing trip to northwest New Mexico and southeast Arizona but are worried there's nowhere open...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jul 12, 2002

GO FAR: 10 New Outfitted Trips for Families

Yoho National Park Mountain Hut Trip[sidebar img=1469011 | hed=]Canada's Rockies[/sidebar][sidebar img=1469016 | hed=]Just another brick... China's Great Wall[/sidebar] MINIMUM AGE: All ages welcome...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jul 8, 2002

The Junior Olympics

[sidebar img=1468931 | hed=]Gold-medal gorgeous: end of day on the coast of Olympic National Park[/sidebar] Q: We are traveling to Olympic National Park in July. We have two small children, ages...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jun 25, 2002

Ride the Snake

[sidebar img=1468916 | hed=]A grand day for a paddle: Snake River with the Tetons looming in the background[/sidebar] Q: My fiancé and I are going to Grand Teton National Park for our...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jun 18, 2002

Ápres-World Cup

[sidebar img=1468831 | hed=]A cragged view of South Korea's Seoraksan National Park[/sidebar] Q: I'm headed over to South Korea for the World Cup and would love to work in some whitewater rafting...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jun 5, 2002

Off Track in Africa

[sidebar img=1468791 | hed=]Pretty in pink: flamingoes at Lake Bogoria National Reserve[/sidebar] Q: I'm about to spend three weeks in Kenya, starting with a game drive in Masai Mara. After that,...

Kimberly Lisagor
May 20, 2002

Have Wind, Will Ride

[sidebar img=1468731 | hed=]Island R&R: a sandy spit off the coast of Grenada[/sidebar] Q: How can I book a windsurfing trip to Grenada? — Marilyn Adam, Redding, California Adventure...

Kimberly Lisagor
Apr 26, 2002

Buggin' Out in BC

[sidebar img=1468666 | hed=]Have boat, will paddle: coastal cruising off Vancouver Island[/sidebar] Q: Four of us are planning to fish, canoe, and camp for two weeks in June. We're considering...

Kimberly Lisagor
Apr 18, 2002

All Bow (and Bike) to Moab

[sidebar img=1468671 | hed=]Slickrock style: taking the high road near Moab[/sidebar] Q: Five of us are looking to take a mountain biking trip in the western United States. We have thought about...

Kimberly Lisagor
Apr 11, 2002

Fast Times in Morocco

[sidebar img=1468661 | hed=]Horsepower: Berber riders in Marrakech[/sidebar] Q: If you wanted a little culture, a little nature, and a little adventure but only had a week, where in Morocco would...

Kimberly Lisagor
Apr 4, 2002