Kimberly Lisagor

Kimberly Lisagor


High (Desert) Rollin'

[sidebar img=1467766 | hed=]Rock-ride recipe: sun bathed cliffs and scrub at New Mexico's Pajarito Plato[/sidebar] Q: Where's a good spot to go mountain biking near Albuquerque, New Mexico? Any...

Kimberly Lisagor
Oct 9, 2001

Curing Adventure Anxiety

[sidebar img=1467621 | hed=]A slice of Himalayan heaven: a temple sits amid the rock and ice of Nepal's upper elevations[/sidebar] Q: I was planning a river-rafting trip to Nepal, but I wonder if...

Kimberly Lisagor
Sep 27, 2001

Curious Gorge

[sidebar img=1467541 | hed=]Late fall in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area[/sidebar] Q: Do you have ideas for great backpacking trails in the Flaming Gorge area of Wyoming? We will be with...

Kimberly Lisagor
Sep 17, 2001

Wipeout 101

[sidebar img=1467526 | hed=]Back to school: Pescadero Surf Camp's Playa Los Cerritos[/sidebar] Q: I'm looking for high-quality surf camps in Central America or Mexico for next month and can't find...

Kimberly Lisagor
Sep 10, 2001

All Things Wet

[sidebar img=1467476 | hed=]One down, two to go: kayaking the day away off Vancouver Island[/sidebar] Q: I'm working on a combination sea kayak, SCUBA diving, and fly-fishing adventure on...

Kimberly Lisagor
Aug 21, 2001

To Hell and Back—Hot Springs Included

[sidebar img=1467366 | hed=]Summer thaw: melting ice carves a canyon in Iceland[/sidebar] Q: We are trying to plan a ten-day hiking trip to Iceland for the last two weeks in August. Would like to...

Kimberly Lisagor
Aug 9, 2001

A Caribbean Calling

[sidebar img=1467451 | hed=]Island appeal: sun-bathed St. Lucia[/sidebar] Q: I'd like to hike and camp out in the Cayman Islands. Any suggestions of which islands and trails are best? An...

Kimberly Lisagor
Aug 1, 2001

South for the Summer

[sidebar img=1467351 | hed=]We don't need no stinkin' chair lifts: skiers and their ride above Lake Wanaka[/sidebar] Q: I will be on New Zealand's South Island the last week in August and am...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jul 24, 2001

When in Rome...

[sidebar img=1467361 | hed=]Roman candle: Italy's (active) Mount Vesuvius[/sidebar] Q: I will be in Rome for ten days and would like to know if it's possible to hike up Mount Vesuvius? —...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jul 19, 2001

Slickrock Sojourn

[sidebar img=1467286 | hed=]Got shocks?: a bird's eye view over Canyonlands, and the Colorado River[/sidebar] Q: We are planning a mountain biking trip to Moab and would like some advice on great...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jul 3, 2001

A Two-Wheeled Pilgrimage

Q: My husband and I would like to take a cycling trip in Northern Spain. We would prefer to do it self-guided and do not want to pay the $2500 to $3500 per person that the major luxury operators...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jun 25, 2001

Work Hard, Play Harder

Q: Any idea where I can take a vacation and at the same time do some environmental volunteer work? I remember an article in Outside a couple of years ago about a spot where you can act as a "guard...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jun 11, 2001

Rice-Paddy Rolling

Q: My family and I will be moving to Hanoi, Vietnam for a period of two years. We are rabid mountain bikers (and hikers) and will be taking our bikes. We want to do some quick day- or weekend-...

Kimberly Lisagor
Jun 5, 2001

Trailing through the Sleepy Isles

Q: I'm traveling to Ireland with a friend next week who wants to spend some time on the Aran Islands. Is there anything to do there besides stare at the ocean (hiking? biking?)? [sidebar img=...

Kimberly Lisagor
May 29, 2001

South-of-the-Border Singletrack

Q: A few friends and I are planning a trip to Chiapas, Mexico to help build a church and would like to mountain bike a couple of days at the end of the trip. I would consider us as intermediate...

Kimberly Lisagor
May 21, 2001