Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon (@chrisasolomon) is an Outside contributing editor.


This Whippet Is One of the World's Great Athletes

Spitty will run down a dock and jump the length of a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V, and, still airborne after more than 22 feet, grab a chew toy that hangs suspended a few feet above the water,...

Climbing to a Better Life for Seattle's Refugees

Refugees and top-ropes might seem a curious mix. The two-month pilot program that brings 11 kids to the climbing gym every Wednesday is based on a simple hope: teaching kids how to conquer a steep...

The Boy Who Lived on Edges

At 31, Adam Roberts was one of the most aggressive freeskiers in the Northwest. A ski model and an aspiring professional who’d attracted the interest of gear companies, Adam seemed to be everywhere...

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