Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon (@chrisasolomon) is an Outside contributing editor.


The Great Public Lands E-Bike Rush of 2019

In a controversial move, the secretary of the interior recently decreed that motorized bikes should be allowed anywhere that standard bikes are permitted

Christopher Solomon
Sep 13, 2019

When Your Body Says No

You’re caught off guard one day when you spur your body on and your body balks.

Christopher Solomon
Dec 17, 2018

Trump Wants to Speed Up Drilling in National Forests

Already in the midst of a massive push to extract more oil and gas from the nation's waters and wide-open spaces, the Trump administration has set its sights on a new goal: to ramp up drilling in...

Christopher Solomon
Dec 11, 2018

What an Award-Winning Travel Writer Keeps in His Pack

I've logged quite a few miles for this magazine and others. Whether I'm on the trail or the streets of the 11th arrondissement in Paris, several items make it into my bag time and again.

Christopher Solomon
Dec 4, 2018

Ryan Zinke's Interior Is a Mess

Last week was a no good, very bad week for the Department of Interior and its Stetson’d chief, Ryan Zinke.

Christopher Solomon
Oct 26, 2018