Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon (@chrisasolomon) is an Outside contributing editor.


Climbing to a Better Life for Seattle's Refugees

Refugees and top-ropes might seem a curious mix. The two-month pilot program that brings 11 kids to the climbing gym every Wednesday is based on a simple hope: teaching kids how to conquer a steep...

The Boy Who Lived on Edges

At 31, Adam Roberts was one of the most aggressive freeskiers in the Northwest. A ski model and an aspiring professional who’d attracted the interest of gear companies, Adam seemed to be everywhere...

So the Government Shuts Down. Now What?

A semi-detailed list of everything we know (and we still have plenty of questions) about possible public land closures starting tomorrow if the lights go out for the feds

Honey, I Shrunk the Monuments

In a final report Thursday to President Donald Trump about the fate of 27 national monuments, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke didn’t recommend any of the monuments be eliminated—but he advised...

The Hayduke Option

Mountain bikes were made for this: 450 miles of empty, achingly scenic backcountry in southern Utah, on little-known trails pieced together in the spirit of Edward Abbey. Christopher Solomon saddles...

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