Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon

Christopher Solomon (@chrisasolomon) is an Outside contributing editor.


12 Outdoor Classes Worth Taking

Classroom time isn't so bad when you're building fly-fishing rods in Virginia or barbecuing in the Lone Star State

Christopher Solomon
Sep 6, 2018

The Mining Company V. the Alaskan Brown Bears

As a reporter, I’ve been taught to keep my opinions to myself. But I’ve also visited Alaska's McNeil River—the world's greatest brown-bear sanctuary—and to hold my tongue about its possible destruction would make me complicit in the death of something truly remarkable and wild.

Christopher Solomon
Jun 11, 2018

Will Climate Change Kill All the Trees?

Researchers studied 1,500 Rocky Mountain forests that had been burned by wildfires. They found that most of the woods aren't recovering after the blaze—and in some cases, they're not returning at all. The culprit? A warming planet.

Christopher Solomon
Apr 18, 2018

The Boy Who Lived on Edges

When extreme skier Adam Roberts was killed by an avalanche in the mountains of Washington State, some people wondered if he’d died on purpose. Christopher Solomon reconstructs a life in which athletic talent, fearlessness, and mental illness combined to create an unbearable reality.

Christopher Solomon
Mar 22, 2018

Do Drillers Want What Uncle Sam Is Selling?

On March 21, the Department of Interior will hold the largest auction of offshore leases in U.S. history, including all unleased areas on the Gulf of Mexico’s outer continental shelf. But do energy extractors actually want such land and waters?

Christopher Solomon
Mar 13, 2018