Mike Steere

Electric Mudslinger

It’s a rare pair of shades that can be worn with confidence in New York City, Osaka, and Bozeman, Montana—driving, cycling, hiking, or (why not?) playing ultimate Frisbee.

The Best Sunglasses of 2015

Is there a more important piece of gear than the one that lets you see the world clearly? Of course not.

The Best Sunglasses of 2014

 Better looking, better performing, better priced: it's a good time to buy a new pair of shades.

A Picture of Courage

When the author's daughter was nervous about dance tryouts, he tried to remind her how fearless she was on a ropes course high in the French Alps.

La Formule for a French Family Vacation

Yes, you can tour France with kids without ever setting foot in the museum. And it’s cheaper (and a hell of a lot more fun for everyone) than you’d think.

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